Thoughtful Literacy

The Peter Effect: Reading habits and attitudes of preservice teachers (pdf)
Applegate and Applegate, 2004

A Study of Thoughtful Literacy and the Motivation to Read (pdf)
Applegate and Applegate 2010

The Assessment of Thoughtful Literacy in NAEP: Why the States Aren't Measuring Up (pdf)   Applegate Applegate McGeehan Pinto Kong, 2009

The disparity between the results of state accountability tests in reading and the 4th grade National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) has left many educators dismayed and concerned. In this article the authors describe a comparison of assessment approaches evident in NAEP to the approaches taken in a sample of state tests. The authors found sizeable differences in the use of open-ended items, in the proportion of items that demand higher levels of thinking, and in the use of distractors that undercut the type of thinking that many items were designed to demand of the reader. The results of this study suggest that not all tests of reading are created equal and that NAEP is likely to be able to distinguish among advanced, proficient, and basic readers far more effectively than the state tests in their sample.

Learning Disabilities or Teaching Disabilities? Rethinking Literacy Failurees (pdf)   Applegate Applegate Turner, 2010

Levels of thinking required by comprehension questions in informal reading inventories (pdf)  Applegate Quinn Applegate, 2002

“She’s My Best Reader; She Just Can’t Comprehend”: Studying the Relationship Between Fluency and Comprehension (pdf)  Applegate Applegate Modla, 2009

Profiles in Comprehension (pdf)  Applegate Quinn Applegate, 2004

Teachers as Literacy Leaders (pdf)  Turner, Applegate, Applegate, 2009

Will the Real Reader Please Stand Up? (pdf)  Applegate, Turner, Applegate, 2010
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